School is under Bala Concept Scheme “BaLA- Building as Learning Aid”.

BaLA- Building as Learning Aid

B a L A – Building as Learning Aid i-B a L A – Inclusive-Building as Learning Aid


BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) is aninnovative concept towards qualitative improvement in education, through developing child-friendly, learning and fun based physical environment building in school infrastructure.

This concept was originally developed byVinyas, Centre for Architectural Research & Design with support from UNICEF. It is now implemented across the state its large team civil engineers at district and block level, several teachers and Head Masters of schools have been trained to plan, implement and effectively use the BaLA concept in Model schools. While government may have limited resources, the demand for making or converting schools to Model schools with BaLA is growing by day.

What is BaLA ?

BaLA is a way to holistically plan and use the school infrastructure. It incorporates the ideas of activity based learning, child friendliness and inclusive education for children with special needs (CWSN). At the core, it assumes that the architecture of school can be a resource for the teaching-learning processes.

There are two levels of this intervention:

Develop the SPACES to create varied teaching-learning situations

Develop the BUILT ELEMENTS in these spaces as teaching-learning aids
The Spaces can be



Steps and staircase

Outdoor space
The Built Elements can be








BaLA is about innovatively treating the space and the built elements to make the existing school architecture more resourceful with higher educational value in a child friendly manner.
But, why BaLA?

Lets school be conceived in a holistic way

Makes the school a child friendly place

Can be introduced in existing and new school

Makes school an exciting place, allowing learning with fun

Creates conducive self-learning situations for children Can help creating inclusive learning spaces and provisions spaces for Children With Special Needs (CWSN) – i- BaLA is being developed for this purpose.

Allows learning materials accessible to children, at all times

Does not allow the TLM to be stolen or misplaced and hence it can can remain orderly

Allows Teachers to adapt them to suit their specific needs

Is more lasting and durable

Can be combined with building repairs and up-gradation

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